Friday, 22 May 2015

Foundation Friday: L'Oreal Infallable 24H Matte

So after seeing tons of blogger rave about this product I finally caved in and bought my own, surely it's a good as everyone says it is, right?
Well it's not, in fact I would go as far as to say it's possibly one of the worst foundations I've ever used!

I'll start with the positives: the packaging is spot on, the squeeze tube is sleek and travel friendly and it allows you to control how much product is coming out but that's where the positives end!

The colour selection is ridiculous (6 shades) I ended up with 20 sand which is slightly too dark but all the other shades where too light and too pink, ideally I would have to mix two shades to get a closer match. 
It oxidizes more than any other foundation that I've ever tried and before you know it it looks like you've had a fights with a packet of Wotsits! 

The texture of the product is very thick and while it buffs in quite well it dries quickly so you have to be fast, for the first 5 minutes it looks quite nice, matte but not powdery and then disaster begins. 
I noticed that it started to "pool" around the pores on my nose and despite re-blending the area an hour later it had done it again.
Within 4 hours it had started to break down around the jawline and cheek area and a tiny little spot had made an appearance, 6 hours later I looked and felt oily and the foundation was a patchy mess to the point that someone I work with asked me "what the hell had I done with my makeup"!
Now this is a foundation that claims to stay matte and last for 24 hours, I think someone from marketing had drank one to many glasses of prosecco when they made that statement!
I also noticed that my blusher and bronzer had gone on patchy and had started to fade half way trough the day.

All I can say is, save your money there are better products out there and don't believe the hype on this one or you will be disappointed.

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