Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bounce Energy Balls

I'm very much the type of person who likes to snack and more often than not this means crisps and chocolate or generally stuff that just isn't very healthy for you.
I came across Bounce Energy Balls a while ago and didn't really think I'd like them but with the exception of a few of the flavours I love eating them as a snack or as a quick breakfast food.
They are mean to provide you with a quick burst of energy and they are all made of natural ingredients, no preservatives and are gluten free.

Tastes like chewy peanut butter but I found the texture of this a little dry.

Cashew & Pecan
Another favourite, tasted like toasted pecans and had a really nice, soft chewy texture.

Cacao Mint
I love the taste of this one but a disliked the texture, the chocolate bits in it are super hard and I felt like I could have possibly broke a tooth on one!
Coconut & Macadamia
My personal favourite! This one is delicious tastes like toasted coconut and as the nicest texture.

Apple & Cinnamon
Hated this one, it was way too spicy from the cinnamon and I could barely taste the apple.

Spirulina & Ginseng
Okay but didn't really taste of anything, it looked kinda cool though because it's green.

This one tastes just like marzipan but obviously a lot healthier, this is probably going to be the one that most people will like.

You can find Bounce Energy Balls on the Bounce Foods website or at your local Holland & Barrett.

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