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Nano-Keratin Treatment Review

For the longest time I've been thinking abut getting a keratin smoothing treatment on my hair but I've put it off because I've not known where to go, what brand to go for and because it's expensive and I'd be rather pissed off if I'd spent that much money on something that doesn't work.
Since I had my hair cut shorter it's actually become more un-mangeable, I can't leave it to dry naturally because it dries a kinky mess and when I blow it out it becomes frizzy so I the have to use a flat iron on it to make it look decent.

before: hair slept on wet

before: hair blow dried

Add in the fact that I'm going back home on holiday soon and would like to have some half decent pictures of me where I don't have to have my hair scraped back off my face in an attempt to make it look okay.

I finally decided to take the plunge and booked an appointment at Umberto Giannini's in Selfridges Birmingham as this is the place I last got a cut from.
I had to have a consultation first so they could assess my hair strength and texture, my expectations of the product and pricing, I booked and appointment then and there as I was so fed up with the barnet.

What is it?
It's a semi-permanent blow dry designed to make your hair more manageable by reducing frizz and speeding up the time you spend styling your hair. It also infuses your hair with keratin increasing hair strength and shine. The result vary depending on hair texture, this isn't a chemical relaxer but rather a smoothing treatment, think "your hair but better" and should last beetween 3-6 months depending on hair type and how you look after it.

The Process
My hair was washed twice with a clarifying shampoo to make sure that all product build up was removed and to lift the hair cuticle as this will help the product work more effectively, then my hair was rough dried to a frizzy ball of fuzz.
My stylist Ryan then began taking small 1inch sections and painting them with the smoothing solution which essentially looks like a thick conditioner and combing out the excess so that the hair is coated but not dripping, I was then left for half hour to chill on my phone while the keratin treatment worked it's magic.
Then the hair is blow dried with the treatment still in it and then a flat iron is used to "seal" in the product, there was a lot of smoke coming off the hair at this stage and this is where most people complain about the fumes stinging their eyes or making them cough but I was fine and could barely smell the product.
Once that is done the treatment is complete! I was told not to get my hair wet, put it in a ponytail or tuck it behind my ears for three days, my hair was very flat, completely pin straight and  felt coated but not as much as I expected it to.
I ended up buying the shampoo and conditioner that they recommend because you have to use sulfate and sodium free shampoo otherwise it strips the keratin off your hair and off I went praying that this treatment would be worth the money.

What about formaldehyde? 
As far as I'm aware it's formaldehyde free but if I'm totally honest I'm not that fussed, there's chemical in everything and a lot of it is scaremongering. Trust me even if it's formaldehyde free it will have another chemical in it's place because the reality is keratin on it's own will not smooth your hair out.
If your scared of chemical don't get it done simple as that!

Day 1
I can't get used to how pin straight it looks and it feels quite flat to my head. My hair feels slightly coated but not as bad as I thought it would, by the end of the evening my hair and scalp feel slightly greasy but not un-bearable.

Day 2
I wake up with my hair stuck to my face and I'm starting to resemble Severus Snape I'm that greasy!
I really didn't think this would be so hard but I can't wait to wash my hair and get back some volume in 
the roots.

Day 3
I'm not gonna lie I was counting down the hours till I could finally was my hair, it felt so gross! I looked oily, it felt oily and quite frankly by now I was scaring members of the public because I seriously looked like I'd not washed my hair in weeks, for me the whole "3 day rule" was the worst part of this treatment by far!
The first thing I did when I got home was jump in the shower and I could tell straight away that my hair felt different, normally when I wash it it becomes a tangled mess but my fingers where gliding trough and my hair felt a lot smoother and silkier even while wet.

The Result

after: hair slept on wet

after: hair blow dried with paddle brush

I let my hair air dry after I washed it the fist time and it dried mostly straight with a slight wave and not a single bit of frizz in sight, I was actually amazed! I then proceeded to prance around my living room winding up the little sister about how easy my hair will be to look after when we are on holiday in a few weeks time, she told me to do one, lol
I went out the next day and got caught in the rain and my hair staid smooth instead of resembling Hermoine Granger pre-frizz ease!
The second time I washed it I blow dried it with a brush, it took me 10 minutes to do and looked better then when I use straighteners on it!
For me it's worked better than I expected it to and I wish I had done it sooner! It's made my hair so easy to manage and it's improved the condition of my damaged hair making it feel softer and look shinier.

I got mine done at Umberto Giannini's in Selfridges Birmingham by Ryan but Mark does them too. You will need to book a consultation prior to scheduling an appointment as they have to assess you hair before they can quote you a price.
Call 0121 6333434 for more information.

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