Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Dark & Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk

I'm one of those people that loves being tanned but I'm aware of how damaging the sun is and I end up feeling guilty that I've ruined my skin if I sit in it for too long.
I'm also one of those people that hates the process of self tanning because it takes ages to put on, you spend the next 6-8 hours feeling sticky waiting for it to dry, you stink in the process and it never look natural.

I've tried every tan imaginable and while some of them have been awful (think oompa loompa who's eaten to many carrots) others have been okay but not enough for me to use them on a regular basis.
My main problem is that while I'm fair I like to look dark and most self tanners marketed to my skin tone either make me look yellow or orange.
I kept seeing pictures of Bondi Sand on Instagram and people raving about it on Youtube saying that it was the most natural dark tan even on fair skin so I picked up a few products while they where on sale in Superdrug.

Self Tanning Foam Dark 
The best self tanning foam you will ever use, period! This gives the darkest, most realistic looking tan of any product I've ever used, I use a mitt and the guide colour helps it go on really evenly.
The colour is a true brown with a olive undertone, no trace of orange here, it literally looks like I've spent a week in the Bahamas!
It's a mousse so it does dry my skin out but as long as I moisturise daily I'm fine, if I don't moisturise my skin I do find that it will fade quite patchy on me but again this isn't down to the product but more my lack of aftercare.

Gradual Tanning Milk
My favourite product, hands down! I normally hate gradual tanners because they take ages to soak into the skin and I don't see a difference. This one is great because it soak in straight away, moisturises my skin and leaves me with a nice subtle but visible tan, it's also perfect to top up your existing tan.
It smells just like cocoa butter and this one does not have that typical "fake tan" smell so there's no need for a shower in the morning!

Bondi Sands can be found on the Bondi Sands website or in Superdrug if your in the UK.

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