Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Highlight On Fleek! Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop

It's no shock to regular readers of my blog that I'm a massive Jaclyn Hill fan, I love the girl! She mega talented, he's makeup is always on point and I live her fashion style too, oh and her hair colour is amazing.
Naturally anything she collaborates on I have to get my hands on so when I saw that she had linked up with Becca to bring out her very own Shimmering Skin Perfector I knew I had to have it!

I placed a nice little cheeky Sephora order and less than a week later Champagne Pop was mine and let me tell you this is one instance where the hype is right and it exceeds expectations because this product is beautiful!
It's the most perfect peachy, champagne shimmer and manages to look striking but subtle at the same time, I feel like there's no way you could go overboard with this.
It's definitely more on the warm side but one that would suit most skin tones.

The texture is also out of this world and somehow even tough it's a powder it feels like a cream and applies so easily that it will make you want to get rid of all other highlighters.

This little baby is limited edition and you can only get it from Sephora which kinda sucks if your not in the US.
It retails for $38 and as of writing this article it's still in stock.

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