Wednesday, 16 September 2015

50 Random Facts About Me

1. I'm half Italian, half English but was born in Italy in a small seaside village called San Felice Circeo.

2. Despite being born in Italy and living there till I the age of 13 I do not speak Italian! To clarify, I was fluent while I lived there but the lack of practice from living in the UK means I now understand 95% but can't have a conversation!

3. I can "sing" the whole of Nicki Minaj Super Bass and "think" I'm really good at it, that's until my sister begs me to stop and reminds me that I can't rap, lol.

4. My favourite restaurant to eat out is Turtle Bay, the food is delicious and the cocktails are amazing!

5. I love dogs and get really upset if I see one getting hurt or miss-treated.

6. I hate spiders with a passion, if there's one in the same room as me either it's going or I'm going!

7. The most common mistake people make is that because of my small and cute appearance I'm a pushover when I'm really not! If you rub me up the wrong way you'll know about it!

8. I often get mistaken for being a lot younger than I am but I'm actually 31 even though I do look like a 12 year old little boy without any makeup on.

9. I'm a coffee addict and cannot function unless I've had my morning cup.

10. My favourite chocolate bar is Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo, I'm actually eating one right now!

11. I don't trust people easily and therefore have few friends, however if I'm your friend I'm your friend for life and would give you a kidney if you needed one!

12. I'm a bit of a video games nerd and by "bit" I mean I own 29 games console's and more games than I can possibly count.

13. I'm a "say now, think later" kinda person which usually means the verbal diarrhea comes spilling out before my brain as told my mouth to STOP!

14. If I could choose my dream job it would be Channing Tatum personal makeup artist for obvious reasons, lol

15. I have a deviated septum which means I can't breathe properly out of my nose.

16. Despite people trying to get me to like wine I just can't get used to the taste, give me an Amaretto or Southern Comfort any day!

17. I have a younger sister who's the funniest most entertaining person you will ever meet, I would die without her.

18. I can't swim despite being shown several times.

19. Sarcasm is like a second language to me, I'm that fluent, lol.

20. Naturally I'm a blonde but have been every hair colour under the sun, currently I'm a brunette.

21. I don't dance except for when copious amounts of alcohol have been consumed.

22. I've been drunk once in my entire life, at a friends leaving do and till this day I still don't remeber everything. What I do remember is "Mr Chao" handing me shot after shot, Mr Chao giving me a lap dance and then me dancing, see above and imagine the disaster.

23. If I had to eat one food and one food only for the rest of my life it would be pasta.

24. I hate people who ask you a question and then reply with another question before you've finished answering the first.

25. I adore the Despicable Me movies and I would love my very own army of minions.

26. My favourite coffee house is Starbuck and my drink is a skinny, one shot cappuccino to go!

27.  My favourite colours for clothing are black, orange and coral but for makeup it's browns and neutrals all the way.

28. I'm allergic to the gym, no I'm being serious!

29. I'm severely short sighted and have to wear contact lenses or glasses otherwise the world is a blurry mess to me.

30.  The weirdest thing I've ever eaten are fried lamb brains and I'm not gonna lie, texture aside they don't taste bad!

31. I love summer and the sunshine and I'm at my absolute happiest in shorts, vest top and flip flops.

32. I hate shopping in stores and much prefer to get all my stuff online, it's just easier and quicker.

33. My favourite stores are River Island, Topshop and H&M.

34. I have a very short attention span so if someone is boring me I'll zone out pretty quickly.

35. I'm addicted to Clash Of The Clans, I could spend hours on the game.

36. I'm absolutely petrified of heights!

37. I'm extremely clumsy and can do myself an injury in the silliest of ways.

38. I absolutely hate people cancelling on me, especially last minute or if I've had to get ready for something!

39. If I could visit any place in the world it would be Australia.

40. I take ages to get ready if I'm going out! Not because I'm hi-maintanence but because I like to do everything at a very relaxed pace.

41. I have 4 piercing but never wear rings in them and a star tattoo on my foot.

42. I cannot and will not watch mushy romantic movies or musicals, give me an action movie any day!

43. I'm the type of person that if I'm asked to stop doing something I'll do it even more if I know it's getting on your nerves, lol.

44. My favourite breakfast cereal is Curiously Cinnamon.

45. I'm a pisces but get constantly told that I'm nothing like one.

46. I'm also always being told that I think like a man because I think too logically and don't let my emotions take over.

47. I love watching the sea and could spend hours listening to the sound of waves.

48. Boxing Day is my least favourite day of the year, oh and Black Friday too, lol.

49. I "talk with my hands" which annoys some people, hey it's a European thing, haha.

50. I dread washing and styling my hair as its so frizzy and coarse, it takes ages!

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