Friday, 16 October 2015

Foundation Friday: Cover FX Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation

I decided to give Cover FX a go because my skin as been going crazy lately and this product is free of all nasties and is meant to be kind to your skin while providing adjustable, light to full coverage so I thought I might as well give it a try.
Having no Cover FX counter nearby I had to match myself based on swatches online, I ended up going for shade G30 and it matches my skin perfectly, however this is where the love ends! I do not know what I'm doing wrong here but I just cant get it to work for me!

Lets see what the company says!

The Claims:
Clinically tested. Paraben, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc free. Vegan. A healthy, oil free foundation with flexible, sheer to full coverage. Containing powerful vitamins and anti-oxidants, this formula helps hydrate, reduces the look of redness and leaves a beautiful natural finish. 

I've tried it 4-5 times now and each time I've tried applying it a different way, with a different brush, a different primer and still no luck!
For some strange reason it makes my skin look rough and bumpy, it accentuates any dry patches and gives me zero coverage. If that's not bad enough the lasting power is like water, I will apply this and two hours later my whole face will be a shiny mess and the product will have disappeared of my nose and chin completely, I set the product with powder it makes no difference!

I wanted to love this product so badly but it just doesn't work for me.

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