Sunday, 25 October 2015

How to look after your red hair!

I've been every hair colour under the sun, blonde, brunette, red and every shade in beetween, it's strange because naturally I'm a dirty blonde, but feel the most like myself when my hair is red. I first went red about 5 years ago and while I absolutely loved it the maintenance of it quickly ensured that I was back to brunette in no time.
Anyone who's gone red before will know the struggle of keeping it looking vibrant, the constant dying and pink shower/neck/pillow/clothes can become a bit of a pain in the ass but it's something you have to suffer for the sake of such bright locks. Red is also the fastest colour to fade but funnily enough the hardest to completely remove.

(Manic Panic Vampire Red)

(Special FX Blood Red)

I'm going to share with you a few tips to help keep your fiery mane vibrant and glossy.

1. Think of red hair as a long term commitment!
Don't think that you can be blonde one minute, red the next and back again in less than four weeks, you have to be in it for the long run!
I'm saying this because red is the quickest to fade but an absolute pain in the ass to completely remove especially is your hair was light or very porous to begin with. If you're not sure that you will like or suit red hair try a wig on first.

2. Be prepared for the constant upkeep!
If you are looking at getting a deep ruby red shade then you will be re-dying your hair every 2-3 weeks, I'f you thought that blonde hair was high maintenance you where wrong, platinum haired girlies ain't got shit on us redheads, lol.
Obviously you don't want to be damaging your hair by dying it so frequently so here is where the vegetable dyes come into play.
Vegetable dyes will condition hair and leave it glossy and smooth with no damage whatsoever. You do not need peroxide with these babies so you can use then as often as you like without worry, you can even had a bit to your hair mask and use it once a week as a colour re-fresher.
When your roots start coming trough you will need a proper dye (colour and developer) to lift and shade the natural hair growth, in this case I would use a semi-permanent dye unless your hair is really dark and need more levels of lift.

3. Use a sulphate free shampoo and wash in cool water.
Sulphate's strip your colour (and they dry out your hair) so invest in a shampoo without it to preserve your chosen shade. Also washing your hair in hot water will fade the colour faster so wash you hair in the coldest water you can handle!

4. Try to wash your hair less often.
I know some people love to wash their hair daily (which isn't good on any hair type as it strips your scalp of it's natural oils) but try not to as this will fade colour even faster.
Dry shampoo is your best friend people!

5. Be prepared for everything to turn pink!
I mean absolutely everything, you shower, your neck, your pillow, your clothes, your hands, your WHITE pet dog and god forbid it should rain because you will look like a scene from Carrie!

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