Monday, 30 November 2015

Lipstick Queen Cupid's Bow in Nymph

Lipstick Queen is one of those brands that I look at every time I'm in Space NK, swatch all the products, have a think about it but never actually pick anything up.
I was having a little browse the other day and these lip pencils caught my eye, in particular the shade Nymph as it looked like the perfect peach without being to pastel which washes me out.

I love the ease of application, these are essentially your lip liner and lipstick rolled into one, they have a super creamy texture but dry down to a satin finish, stay put all day and feel comfortable on the lips. 

They come in a selection of 8 shades and retail for £20 at Space NK 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The £4 primer that really works! Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

If you ever watched Nikkietutorials you will know how she's been raving about using this aftershave balm as a primer for months and for months I've been purposely looking right the other way, how could a product designed for men work well on us women?

I was wrong BIG TIME!

Not only is it an amazing primer it also works well as a light moisturiser/serum, you oily gals will love this!
The reason why it works so well as a primer is because of the high content of glycerin which will attract moisture and bind it to the skin, in turn this will help your makeup stick to your face and stay put all day.
I've tried a lot of primers and most the time I wonder why I even bother using them because they don't make a drastic difference to my foundation longevity but not with this Nivea Men Post shave balm.
My makeup wears like iron and where I would normally get shiny at the 4 hour mark I can go all day without any powder touchups, in addition to that my skin just seems to look healthier and more radiant when I use this product.

For the people who are concerned about smelling like a dude, don't worry it's not that bad! It's scented faintly of mens cologne, I barely even notice it and it dissipates within a couple of minutes.

One last bonus, it works as an excellent post shave balm for us girls too, I know who would have thought?
But no seriously, I hate shaving my legs because they get so irritated and dry afterward and no amount of lotion can fix it but this takes out the redness in seconds!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Foundation Friday: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick

I've never been a huge fan of stick foundations for one main reason: they are usually too greasy and slip of my face faster than Usain Bolt at the Olympics.
I decided to give this a try after all the rave reviews saying it was better than it's liquid counterpart and it is, actually it's pretty friggin amazing!!!

The new Ultra HD formula is designed to look invisible on 4K camera and look undetectable to the naked eye which I would have to agree with, this foundation looks like real skin. 
I find I don't need a lot of this to achieve full coverage, it blends beautifully, doesn't accentuate dryness or pores and looks natural even under close scrutiny.

I have shade Y245 and it's perfect, it might not look like it from the swatch above but my face is a completely different shade to my hand. 
I apply this using a dense buffer brush as the texture is too creamy to use anything too flimsy, set it with a little bit of powder and I'm good to go, surpringly it does not break down on me throughout the day and stays looking fresh. 

Is it better than its liquid counterpart? 
On my skin it is because it gives me better coverage and it lasts longer but if you like sheer to medium coverage and you have dry skin you will like the liquid version equally. 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick isn't available on counter yet in the UK but will be launching January 2016 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Nano Keratin Treatment Review Update!

It's been 4 months since I had my keratin treatment and you might be wondering what I think of it now that it's pretty much worn off and I'm due for another one.
Four months in and my hair is pretty much back to it's weird wave pattern and kinky texture when left to dry naturally, if I blow dry it it will fall relatively smooth without the need for my GHD's so I wouldn't say it's completely washed out but it's getting there.
I've had a love/hate relationship with this treatment and while I love how smooth, frizz free and manageable it's made my hair there are cons too.

Con number 1: My hair got greasier faster which meant having to wash my hair more often. Now the more you wash your hair the quicker the treatment fades so this can be a problem, dry shampoo is your best friend! 

Con number 2: Being restricted to using certain shampoos only and by certain shampoos I mean the Nano Keratin ones and I can't say I'm a big fan of them. They made my hair feel coated and un-clean, in the end I had to start using my Purology (also SLS free) every few washes to make my hair feel "normal" again. 

Con number 3: My hair would clump together and look quite piecey and it would lack volume. I found I had to use a volumizing mousse to counteract this little problem and would have to brush my hair more often to make it look fluffy. 
I also found my hair was more staticky but could not figure out if this was because of the treatment of because of the products i was using.

Despite the cons I am booked in for another one in a couple of weeks time because I would rather deal with flat, greasy hair than a mop of frizz. 
I hate doing my own hair, HATE IT and this treatment makes it bearable, it means if I can't be bothered to do my hair I can sleep on it wet and it still looks decent.
They do say that the effects are cumulative so the more you have them done the longer the results will last for which actually does make sense. 
Was it worth the money? Yes, because it does work but I do think it's slightly overpriced, having said that I can see myself getting a keratin treatment every 4 months until something better comes along.

On a side note my sister who has naturally very curly, frizzy hair had one of these done (not at the same place I had mine) and it didn't last at all! We cannot figure out if it's because it's completely washed out way faster than it should have, different hair type and porosity or if it wasn't done as well as mine!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Another Sephora Haul!

Dear Credit Card, I'm so sorry that I've abused you again but Sephora made me do it!
I actually think the worst thing that ever happened to my bank balance was when Sephora started offering international shipping, yes it's not the cheapest but lets face it you US people get all the cool stuff while us English folks either get it late or don't get it at all!
So with that said and a few limited editions I just had to have this order was placed and my bank account shed a few tears!

(Opal, Champagne Pop, Blushed Copper) 

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Glow $34 (£23.51)
The very reason this order happened in the first place and I can't even explain to you how much I love it! The quality of this palette is amazing and while at first you might think that the shades they have selected are an odd combination they work perfectly together. 

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Opal Glow On The Go $20 (£13.83)
I picked this up thinking it had the liquid and cream version of Opal but when I got it I realised that the little baby compact is actually the powder version and since I already have that in full size I don't need this. It will be going to the little sister for Christmas and hopefully she won't read this.

(Cafe, Torte)

(Coulis, Aubergine)

Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind $25 (£17.29)
This is a brand you cannot get in the UK and yet their products are fantastic and everything I've tried I've loved. 
This little set comes with 4 of their Matte Creme Lip Crayons in a slightly smaller size than usual which is perfect for travel and 3 of the shades are exclusive to this kit.
I've only tried Cafe on my lips so far and I loved the way it dried matte but didn't look dry or cakey like some matte lipsticks can look.

Kat Von D Lolita Lip Duo $19 (£13.48)
I love Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick and Lolita is my favourite shade by far so naturally it was obvious that I would pick this up as it as a mini of Lolita and Lolita 2 which is a slightly warmer, peachier version. 
I love them both and I wish they would offer mini duos in all the other colours too.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Marvelous Mauve $14 (£9.68)
These are some of my absolute favourite liquid lipsticks so I picked this one up because I wanted a more natural everyday shade as I already have a few of the brighter ones. 
Love how they feel on the lips, love the scent and love the shade selection!

Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Colour in Petal $16 (£11.06)
Obviously I was going with this whole "matte lip trend" and picked this little one up to try. I would say these give more of a satin finish but last like a matte, this stuff didn't budge! 
I can see myself picking up more colours from the range.

Sephora Collection Jem and The Holograms Truly Outrageous Liquid Lipstick Set $25 (£17.29)
This was a bit of a "whim purchase" I'm not gonna lie but I picked this up because it was part of the Jem Collection and I used to be obsessed with that cartoon when I was little. 
I've not opened this yet and might never open it, it's a collectors item alright!!!

And because I had enough Beauty Insider points accumulated I picked up one of the Bite Beauty Lip Lab Trio in Kir Royal and for 250 points, I'm well impressed!

Now I'm gonna try and stay off Sephora for a while or I might need to cut my card up!

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ciate Kiss Collective Liquid Velvet

Hi guys, today I will be showing a quick mini review and swatch session on the new Ciate Kiss Collective set of 3 mini Mini Liquid Velvet Lipstick that have been released for Christmas.
Liquid lipstick are my favourite type of lip products to try because I love how they stay put all day and you don't have to worry about you ending up with lipstick on your chin and I'm always on the lookout to try different ones.
When I saw this little set on ASOS for £16 I knew I needed to pick one up and give them a try, I didn't even know Ciate did lips so I was intrigued.

What it says on the box:
Treat your pout to a triple dose of Ciate London's bestselling Liquid Velvet mini Lip Slicks. Our handpicked selection of two bestselling shades plush exclusive shade "Pin Up" suits any skin tone, outfit or occasion. Add a sweep of this moisturising plushpigment color to lips for a long lasting, high pigment finish. 

A true 50's style neutral toned red, it's one of those shades that will suit every skin tone because it's neither too orange or too pink.
I actually think this is one of my favourite reds of all time and it was the one that I was the least excited for.
Pin Up
This is another one of those "Kylie Jenner" darker toned nudes that are mega popular at the minute. These are my favourite kind of lip shades because they are just so easy to wear and are perfect for both day and evening wear.

Your standard pale peachy nude that's not too light so it wont wash you out. This is perfect if you are wearing a bold or smokey eye look and you want something understated on the lips, it nudes them out just enough without draining all the color from your face and making you look like a corpse.

I do really like these, the shades are quite safe and not particularly exciting but they've been done well.
I like the formulation because it's completely opaque in one coat and doesn't feel drying on the lips and they don't have a scent which is a bonus, my only slight criticism is the packaging.
While I love the outer box design and the actual aesthetics of the little tubes they come in the plastic feels quite cheap and flimsy, I feel like they are gonna break eventually and would worry about tossing one in my handbag loose without putting it in my makeup pouch first.
That little problem aside I really do love these and think you can't go wrong with these especially for the price. 

Find it on ASOS or the Ciate website. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

CHANEL Rouge Noir Absolument: Christmas 2015

It's that much anticipated time of the years again: Chanel Holiday collection and this year it's a good one!
Gone are the red lips and nails reminiscent of past collections to make way for deep purples and burgundy's, luscious pinks and sparkling gold.
The collection pays homage to Chanel's most iconic nail varnish Rouge Noir which celebrates it's 20th birthday this year.
Originally made famous by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Rouge Noir as gone on to be Chanel's best selling colour since it's launch and continues to be so two decades later.
Finally we have a whole collection based around this shade and it's a good one!

Lets get onto the pictures and swatches, shall we?

Chanel Le 4 Ombre Signe Particulier £44 - You want one of those, you had better get it fast! This will no doubt sell out first as it's the star of the show and quantities will be limited.
Joues Contraste Lumiere Highlighting Blush £31 - Pretty but very subtle which some people will love. For someone like myself who likes an intense highlight this might not work.

Le Volume Mascara Rouge Noir £25 - Same formula as the original but with a nice plummy undertone to it, a nice change from black.
Illusion D'Ombre Rouge Noir £25 - Another favourite of mine, on my skin tone and eye colour it pulls more brown than burgundy but I still love it!
Glossimer Rose De Lune £22 - A basic sparkly ballerina pink.
Glossimer Etincelle £22 - A sheer plum with flecks of gold sparkle.
Le Vernis Rose Fusion £18 - Bit to metallic for my tastes and the only item that doesn't really look like it belongs in the collection.
Le Vernis Rouge Noir £18 - The product that started the craze! I think I've gotten trough 3 maybe 4 bottles of the stuff which is rare for me as I usually never finish a bottle of nail polish.
Le Top Coat Lame Rouge Noir £18 - My personal favourite item of the collection! It's unique to my collection and it's what I call "classy glitter" as it's subtle and not in your face.

Rouge Allure Vamporeus £26 - I liked this in the tube but it just looked too sheer on, I wish it would have more pigment.
Rouge Allure Rouge Noir £26 - An intense blackened berry, on me the undertone of brown isn't flattering but on the right skin tone it looks stunning. 
Rouge Allure Velvet La Merveilleuse £26 - A gorgeous velvety raspberry shade and pigmentation is spot on with this one.
Le Crayon Kohl Rouge Noir £17 - Nice change from plain black and it really makes lighter eyes pop.
Le Crayon Yeux Or Safron £19 - Good as an eyeshadow base or as an inner corner highlight. 

Chanel's new collection launches tomorrow and as most of the items are limited edition it will sell out quickly so get it while you can or you might miss out.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Too Faced Melted French Kisses

Hi guys, today we are going to talk about Christmas!
More specifically Too Faced Melted French Kisses one of the many holiday sets that have been popping up everywhere since the beginning of September.
On a side note: why does the UK have to start everything so early? Like Valentines Day in January, Easter in February and Christmas at the end of August? It's really not necessary and it takes the fun out of it all!

Anyways I'm getting off on a tangent, I first saw this set on Sephora and considered picking it from there since Too Faced stock availability in the UK can be hit or miss.
I ended up not picking it up from Sephora as my order was big enough as it is (another haul post coming up soon) and finding it in my local Debenhams.
There was one left on the shelf, so obviously meant for me and after using my Beauty Club Card points  I managed to get this for £2.60!!!

The Kit comes with 4 shades, 2 from the regular melted range which are more of a creamy matte finish and 2 from the melted metallic range which have a frost finish.
For £22 this set is an absolute steal as you are getting pretty much the same quantity as two of the regular full sizes which retail at £19 and this way you are getting to try a lot more colours.
I actually prefer the smaller sized tubes because they are easier to carry around with you especially if you have a smaller handbag or clutch and you have no fear of them going rancid before you use up a whole one, no one ever finishes a lipstick, do they?

The formula on these is great, full opaque pigment in one swipe but unlike most liquid lipsticks they don't dry completely matte, think more satin finish while still staying put.
They don't bleed, feather or fade and the feel comfortable and creamy on the lips, these aren't drying in the slightest.

Lets get onto the swatches shall we?
Melted Metallic Peony
A mid-tone rosy pink with golden shimmer, looks a lot more natural and less metallic than you would imagine, strangely enough I quite like this one.

Melted Chihuahua
My favourite of the set, I've wanted to get Melted Chihuahua for a while. I't another one of those "Kylie Jenner" browny nude shades that are so popular at the minute.

Melted Metallic Macaron
Think 90's Malibu Barbie and this is what she would have been wearing, a frosty hot pink that on my skin tone and hair color isn't particularly flattering.

Melted Berry
My second favourite of the bunch, a deep berry red that gives that perfect winter pout. I can actually see myself reaching for this one quite often.

You can get yours from Debenhams or Too Faced if your in the UK and Sephora if your in the US