Sunday, 8 November 2015

Ciate Kiss Collective Liquid Velvet

Hi guys, today I will be showing a quick mini review and swatch session on the new Ciate Kiss Collective set of 3 mini Mini Liquid Velvet Lipstick that have been released for Christmas.
Liquid lipstick are my favourite type of lip products to try because I love how they stay put all day and you don't have to worry about you ending up with lipstick on your chin and I'm always on the lookout to try different ones.
When I saw this little set on ASOS for £16 I knew I needed to pick one up and give them a try, I didn't even know Ciate did lips so I was intrigued.

What it says on the box:
Treat your pout to a triple dose of Ciate London's bestselling Liquid Velvet mini Lip Slicks. Our handpicked selection of two bestselling shades plush exclusive shade "Pin Up" suits any skin tone, outfit or occasion. Add a sweep of this moisturising plushpigment color to lips for a long lasting, high pigment finish. 

A true 50's style neutral toned red, it's one of those shades that will suit every skin tone because it's neither too orange or too pink.
I actually think this is one of my favourite reds of all time and it was the one that I was the least excited for.
Pin Up
This is another one of those "Kylie Jenner" darker toned nudes that are mega popular at the minute. These are my favourite kind of lip shades because they are just so easy to wear and are perfect for both day and evening wear.

Your standard pale peachy nude that's not too light so it wont wash you out. This is perfect if you are wearing a bold or smokey eye look and you want something understated on the lips, it nudes them out just enough without draining all the color from your face and making you look like a corpse.

I do really like these, the shades are quite safe and not particularly exciting but they've been done well.
I like the formulation because it's completely opaque in one coat and doesn't feel drying on the lips and they don't have a scent which is a bonus, my only slight criticism is the packaging.
While I love the outer box design and the actual aesthetics of the little tubes they come in the plastic feels quite cheap and flimsy, I feel like they are gonna break eventually and would worry about tossing one in my handbag loose without putting it in my makeup pouch first.
That little problem aside I really do love these and think you can't go wrong with these especially for the price. 

Find it on ASOS or the Ciate website. 

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