Friday, 20 November 2015

Foundation Friday: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick

I've never been a huge fan of stick foundations for one main reason: they are usually too greasy and slip of my face faster than Usain Bolt at the Olympics.
I decided to give this a try after all the rave reviews saying it was better than it's liquid counterpart and it is, actually it's pretty friggin amazing!!!

The new Ultra HD formula is designed to look invisible on 4K camera and look undetectable to the naked eye which I would have to agree with, this foundation looks like real skin. 
I find I don't need a lot of this to achieve full coverage, it blends beautifully, doesn't accentuate dryness or pores and looks natural even under close scrutiny.

I have shade Y245 and it's perfect, it might not look like it from the swatch above but my face is a completely different shade to my hand. 
I apply this using a dense buffer brush as the texture is too creamy to use anything too flimsy, set it with a little bit of powder and I'm good to go, surpringly it does not break down on me throughout the day and stays looking fresh. 

Is it better than its liquid counterpart? 
On my skin it is because it gives me better coverage and it lasts longer but if you like sheer to medium coverage and you have dry skin you will like the liquid version equally. 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick isn't available on counter yet in the UK but will be launching January 2016 

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