Saturday, 14 November 2015

Nano Keratin Treatment Review Update!

It's been 4 months since I had my keratin treatment and you might be wondering what I think of it now that it's pretty much worn off and I'm due for another one.
Four months in and my hair is pretty much back to it's weird wave pattern and kinky texture when left to dry naturally, if I blow dry it it will fall relatively smooth without the need for my GHD's so I wouldn't say it's completely washed out but it's getting there.
I've had a love/hate relationship with this treatment and while I love how smooth, frizz free and manageable it's made my hair there are cons too.

Con number 1: My hair got greasier faster which meant having to wash my hair more often. Now the more you wash your hair the quicker the treatment fades so this can be a problem, dry shampoo is your best friend! 

Con number 2: Being restricted to using certain shampoos only and by certain shampoos I mean the Nano Keratin ones and I can't say I'm a big fan of them. They made my hair feel coated and un-clean, in the end I had to start using my Purology (also SLS free) every few washes to make my hair feel "normal" again. 

Con number 3: My hair would clump together and look quite piecey and it would lack volume. I found I had to use a volumizing mousse to counteract this little problem and would have to brush my hair more often to make it look fluffy. 
I also found my hair was more staticky but could not figure out if this was because of the treatment of because of the products i was using.

Despite the cons I am booked in for another one in a couple of weeks time because I would rather deal with flat, greasy hair than a mop of frizz. 
I hate doing my own hair, HATE IT and this treatment makes it bearable, it means if I can't be bothered to do my hair I can sleep on it wet and it still looks decent.
They do say that the effects are cumulative so the more you have them done the longer the results will last for which actually does make sense. 
Was it worth the money? Yes, because it does work but I do think it's slightly overpriced, having said that I can see myself getting a keratin treatment every 4 months until something better comes along.

On a side note my sister who has naturally very curly, frizzy hair had one of these done (not at the same place I had mine) and it didn't last at all! We cannot figure out if it's because it's completely washed out way faster than it should have, different hair type and porosity or if it wasn't done as well as mine!

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