Saturday, 21 November 2015

The £4 primer that really works! Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

If you ever watched Nikkietutorials you will know how she's been raving about using this aftershave balm as a primer for months and for months I've been purposely looking right the other way, how could a product designed for men work well on us women?

I was wrong BIG TIME!

Not only is it an amazing primer it also works well as a light moisturiser/serum, you oily gals will love this!
The reason why it works so well as a primer is because of the high content of glycerin which will attract moisture and bind it to the skin, in turn this will help your makeup stick to your face and stay put all day.
I've tried a lot of primers and most the time I wonder why I even bother using them because they don't make a drastic difference to my foundation longevity but not with this Nivea Men Post shave balm.
My makeup wears like iron and where I would normally get shiny at the 4 hour mark I can go all day without any powder touchups, in addition to that my skin just seems to look healthier and more radiant when I use this product.

For the people who are concerned about smelling like a dude, don't worry it's not that bad! It's scented faintly of mens cologne, I barely even notice it and it dissipates within a couple of minutes.

One last bonus, it works as an excellent post shave balm for us girls too, I know who would have thought?
But no seriously, I hate shaving my legs because they get so irritated and dry afterward and no amount of lotion can fix it but this takes out the redness in seconds!

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