Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hall of Fame: Alpha H Liquid Gold

If there ever was an award for "product that I've used for the longest time" this would win it hands down! I've lost count of how many bottles of this miracle liquid I've gone trough and remember when the packaging used to be white and grey and there where only an handful of products in the range.

I originally picked this up to help fade any old acne scars and it worked a treat now I use it for it's glow giving properties, this is literally an overnight facial in a bottle.
After one single application you will notice smoother, brighter more luminous skin and your makeup will glide on like silk. With prolonged use fine lines and wrinkles will be softened, pigmentation will fade and the complexion will look clearer and more even toned.

I feel like this was the first of the "at home" AHA/glycolic acid type of products to be released on the market and for me still the best and I've tried everything! I always joke that Alpha H should be paying me commission because I recommend it to everyone, lol.

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