Sunday, 27 December 2015

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick & Lip Scrub

I'm gonna be totally honest here but until a few weeks ago I didn't have a clue who Jeffree Star was let alone that he had is own product line, I stumbled upon him while looking for liquid lipstick videos up on YouTube. 
After doing some research I realised that his line of products are rather popular and since I'm a sucker for a liquid lipstick I decided to give his line a try, obviously the shades I really wanted where sold out so I went with my second choices.

Velour Lip Scrub - Strawberry Gum 
Holy crap this smells amazing! I'm actually not too sure if I should scrub my lips with this or get a spoon and eat it, it smells exactly like fizzy strawberry laces and they are one of my favourite sweets.
The packaging is the cutest thing I've ever seen and the jar feel secure enough where it won't leak all over the place like most lip scrubs do.
In terms of how well the product works this is without a doubt the best lip exfoliant I've ever used, the sugar is super fine which means it really slough off any dead skin and it's not oily which means it doesn't leave that weird greasy film on the lips that makes lipstick application become a mission.
My lips have been soooooooo dry this winter but one application of this as made them look normal again!

Velour Liquid Lipstick - Prom Night, Anna Nicole & Celebrity Skin
I'm about to make a pretty bold claim here but these are one of the best liquid lipstick on the market that I have tried thus far!
Unlike many of my other favourites which have a more moussey texture these are a true liquid which does make application slightly more tricky but totally worth it because once they are on they are on all day no matter what you do with you mouth, hey, no not like that, you filthy minded people, lol.
They feel completely weightless on and dry to a completely matte finish without sucking every little bit of moisture out your lips they also don't do that weird thing that most liquid lipstick do where they come off from the inside of the mouth first.
They wear pretty much all day, 6 hour in and it still looked freshly applied with minimal wear and that's after a couple of coffees and a light snack.
Packaging wise they are adorable and I'm not one for a lot of pink anything but the design just works so well and fits Jeffree Star to a tee.
One thing I don't like is the smell, it's straight up burnt plastic and it makes me gag but luckily it goes once the product is dry.

Prom Night

Hello Malibu Barbie lips! This is hot pink bordering on neon and I'm not usually a big fan of those sort of colours but I love this one.

Anna Nicole
This is a bright tomato red, in some lights it look more orange and in other lights it looks more crimson but it's a beautiful shade non the less. This is going to be a shade that I get more wear out of in the summer as it just screams holiday and sunshine.

Celebrity Skin
This is your standard beige nude shade that would work on most skin tones and I believe it's one of the most popular shades.
This is the kind of colour that I wear most days so it's a complete no brainer that I was gonna love this.
Also if you are familiar with nude liquid lipstick you will know that they have a tendency to apply and look patchy or wear un-evenly but this one doesn't do that.
On a side note my Celebrity Skin smells like Pepto Bismol and I'm not sure why, lol.

Get yours on the Jeffree Star website and they ship worldwide! 

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