Monday, 28 December 2015

Lush Fresh Face Masks

It's been years since I shopped in Lush and the only reason that I went in there a couple of weeks ago is that I had loads of empty pots to redeem for fresh face masks, if you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about it's basically their recycling scheme where you give them 5 empty pots in exchange for a face mask.
I was just going to pick up my usual favourites Cupcake and Brazen Honey but got distracted by the newer members of the Lush family and went with those instead, to be fair you can't go wrong with any of their masks.
Lush have two types of masks, the fresh kind which need to be kept refrigerated and used within 3 weeks and the preserved kind which have the usual 12 month expiry that most Lush products have so keep that in mind when making a purchase.

Here's what I got:

 Cup O' Coffee
As a coffee addict it was an absolute given that I would love this one based purely on the smell but luckily it also works as an effective exfoliator, not so much as a mask.
The "scrubby" particles are ground up coffee beans which make it quite an heavy duty exfoliant without scratching my skin and because off all the lovely essential oils it's really quite moisturising too. Even though this is not marketed to acne prone skin I have found that it as helped clear up the breakouts I've been having recently and my skin tone looks a lot more even than usual and it looks like an heavenly coffee desert, what's not to like?

Don't Look At Me
Another exfoliating mask but this one uses ground up rice and is a lot more deep cleansing than the Cup O Coffee. I find this one is quite good for pulling out all the impurities from the skin probably due to the high content of kaolin and leaves my skin looking brighter and a lot less oily which is probably down to all the fresh lemon juice and citrus oils which are naturally astringent and you get to look like an Avatar for 15 minutes!

Rosy Cheeks
I didn't expect to like this one as much as I do because I like my masks to be quite heavy duty and feel like they are doing something to my skin (I like to feel the burn) whereas this is very gentle and soothing. 
It feels very refreshing while it's on and it set like a traditional face mask making it a lot trickier to remove but it's worth the extra effort as it makes my skin look so bright, takes out any redness and doesn't strip my skin like most clay masks do.

On a sidenote, I didn't realise how much Lush had changed, there are so many new products!
The one thing I'm really keen to try is their tattoo balm as I've heard it's so much better than using Bepanthen and I might pick up a chunk of Porridge Soap for old time sake.

What are your favourite Lush products?

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