Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick

As I'm sure we're all very well aware of the liquid lipstick trend took over 2015 and by the looks of it as no intention of going anywhere.
I've tried many, some of them are okay, some of them suck balls and some are amazing but get overlooked by other, bigger brands, these fit the latter category.

Committed, Charming, Chivalrous, Adoring

These are by far THE BEST liquid lipstick I've tried so far but sadly don't get enough said about them!

I will get the one negative point out of the way first, there's not enough of a colour selection. Eight shades is simply not enough especially when a lot of them are slight variations of reds and pinks, can we have more The Balm?

That small issue aside I love everything about them!
For starters they are mint scented which makes a change from either vanilla or plastic and become of the mint scent they feel quite cooling and refreshing on the lips.
Secondly the texture is pure perfection, they have that creamy mousse feel that goes on opaque on first coat, doesn't feel drying on the lips and once it dries it will last all day, I do not need a touch up when wearing these.
They do not ball up or flake off like some of the more liquidy formulas and they do not get that crusty looking line of demarcation that a lot of the other brands give me, essentially they look the same 8 hours later as they did freshly applied.

This is my favourite of the bunch! It one of those nice everyday pinky-brown neutrals that goes with any look and flatters any skin tone. This one is a must have!

My second favourite and an absolute bitch to get hold of! I swear I stalked my local counter for 6 weeks straight before I could buy this because it's always sold out. This is another one of those mid-toned mauves that Kylie Jenner as made so popular.

Not my sort of colour usually but I swatched it on the back of my hand and somehow something about me drew me in. It's one of those bubblegum "Barbie" pinks that I usually avoid like the plague but for some reason this one works, even with my bright obnoxious red hair!
Not one I reach for all the time but I'm glad I got it.

This is the perfect winter red shade, a deep, dark wine shade that looks really flattering on my sort of coloring. I'm a big fan of these sort of shade but usually don't wear them because of the staying power, with this one I don't have to worry.

The price point of these is also spot on, they are £13.50 for a pretty big tube and you can usually find them slightly discounted on Feelunique.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Foundation Friday: NARS Sheer Glow

Can't believe I've not done a Foundation Friday on my favourite foundation of all time NARS Sheer Glow!
I remember getting my first bottle way back when it was first launched and I've re-purchase many times since and that doesn't happen often with foundation.

Now I will say the marketing around this product is all wrong, it's neither sheer nor glowy, I'd say more medium to full with a natural satin finish.
It makes my skin look flawless and it's my "go to" if my skin is playing up. It covers everything without needing extra concealer on top, doesn't look cakey or accentuate dry patches and it seem to look better and better the longer you wear it.
It feel completely lightweight on the skin and once set with powder will last all day without any need of a touch-up.

It as a fluid texture without being too runny and applies best with a stippling brush, avoid a sponge for this one because it as a tendency to absorb to much product.
I find no matter how much product I put on it never looks heavy and literally looks like a second skin.

 Cylan & Stromboli

The shade selection is amazing and for once the yellow shades aren't too yellow and don't oxidise to orange a couple of hours into wearing the foundation.
I've used many different shades over the years of using this product but currently I use Cylan when I'm pale and Stromboli when I'm tanned and both match me perfectly.

The only thing that I don't like about this product is the packaging, I've had a couple of lids break on me and it doesn't have a pump unless you want to buy one for an extra £3 but despite that I will keep on buying this foundation until I find something better.

NARS Sheer Glow retails for £31 and can be found on the NARS website

Dior Spring 2016 Makeup Collection - Glowing Gardens

Another day another spring makeup launch to show you all in the form of Dior's Glowing Gardens Collection!
Dior have done a wonderful job on this release, the collection is large and there's literally something for everyone, the colours are very pastel and spring-like and it will appeal to a large audience.
The must-have are without a doubt the two highlighting powders, the eyeshadow palettes and the nail polishes and will no doubt sell out first.
The whole collection is Limited Edition so if you do wan't anything you need to get it fast and maybe be prepared to call a few counters to find the items in stock as some of it as already sold out!

Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens Illuminating Powder £40
This is without doubt the star of the show and now sold out! Or at least in my local stores it is, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will have a second drop. 
The opalescent pink shade is pretty but the nude gold is bloody amazing! They are smooth and feel almost like a cream, they give an high sheen to the skin without looking glittery. 

 02 Glowing Nude, 01 Glowing Pink

Diorskin Glowing Gardens Vibrant Colour Powder Blush £32.50
Not a particularly unique colour but it's so pretty to look at that you will want to buy it regardless. 
I've never tried a Dior blush but was impressed at how pigmented it was with one swipe and despite it being quite a light, cool toned blush it didn't look chalky on me.

844 Floral Pink

5 Couleurs Glowing Gardens Eyeshadow Palette £43.50
I'm a big fan of Dior's eyeshadow palettes and these are the same formula as the regular line but sadly it's not colours that I would ever wear. Both palettes are leaning more towards the cool side and I'm a warm neutrals kinda girl so I was a bit under-whelmed by these. 
I can see them being popular though and will sell out quickly so get them while you can.

031 Blue Garden

451 Rose Garden 

Dior Colour & Contour Eyeshadow & Liner Duo £25.50
I love the idea behind these, a dual-ended eyeshadow stick/liner pen in complimentary shades, it just makes everything easier and would be especially good for makeup on the go.
I think Dior should have made these a permanent feature instead of limited edition, maybe they will in the future?

157 Iris, 457 Water Lily, 557 Twig, 757 Orchid, 957 Hortensia

Dior Pro Liner £20
072 Pro Taupe
I didn't get a chance to swatch this but it's a nice medium taupe shade, I've tried this liner before in a different colour and I still prefer my Urban Deacay.

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara £22
062 It Platine
Another item I didn't swatch or take pictures of because I thought it was black and it's not, from what I can tell it's the same colour as the liner.

Dior Fusion Mono Longwear Eyeshadow £25 
I'm looking at the pictures now and really questing why I didn't pick this up, it's beautiful. 
It's this light taupe/gold with loads of pink and lilac micro glitter but unlike most glittery shadows this as no fallout. 

541 Equinoxe

Rouge Dior Lipstick £26.50

The peachy nude is gorgeous, very creamy and pigmented and set to a nice satin finish, it's nude lipstick done right!
The red is also nice but I prefer a matte red lipstick and this is just a little bit too shiny for me. 

Rouge Dior Baume Lipstick £26
Never been a fan of sheer lipstick so these where pretty boring to me however everyone else and their grandmother seem to love these sheer lip balms. 
The shades themselves are pretty and very spring appropriate but I would have to wear copious amounts of lip liner to make them work for me.

Rouge Dior: 417 Souffle Nude, 667 Rouge Pimpant,
Rouge Dior Baume: Rosee, 750 Rosebud

Rouge Dior Brillant Lipgloss £26.50

These are everything I want in a lipgloss; super pigmented in one swipe, feel smooth and not too sticky and are completely free of shimmer!
These are the 3 shades that are part of this collection but there's a whole range of other shades that are part of the permanent line and they are definitely worth looking at.

458 Fine Fleur, 548 Flora, 668 Brise Bise

Dior Vernis Nail Laquer £19
Love every single one of these but I simply can't justify another nail polish purchase. Dior's nail polish formulation is one of my favourites as it as a gel finish and tends to last that little bit longer than other brands.
301 Bluette, 302 Garden, 491 Lilac, 650 Pivoine

You can find the collection on the Selfridges website, Debenhams and Escentuals but sadly the highlighters are sold out online!

Monday, 25 January 2016

Clarins Spring 2016 Makeup Collection - Instant Glow

I love Clarins skincare but never really pay much interest in their seasonal colour collections so I'm quite surprised at how much I like their new spring collection!
I think it's probably because the collection features two new Instant Light Lip Perfectors and I'm all about that life!!!

I'm being really good at the minute and have restricted myself to just one item (Toffee Pink Shimmer) but I can see myself going back for Plum Shimmer, the cream blush, a couple of lipsticks and possibly the palette.

5 - Colour Eye Shadow Palette - Natural Glow £33
This is a beautiful palette full of shimmery bronzy nudes and it's the perfect size for travelling.
The shadows are creamy and quite pigmented but I did find that they gave quite a lot of fallout and the lightest shade was quite chunky.

natural light


Iridescent Eye Shadow £19
These are very pretty and spring like and are perfect if you are just wanting a quick wash of colour to the lid. I'm not a huge fan of cream to powder eyeshadows but these I don't mind because they have a more solid texture as opposed to a mousse.

04 Silver Ivory, 05 Silver Pink, 06 Silver Green, 07 Silver Plum
natural light


Multi-Blush - 05 Rose £18.50
I'm not a big fan of cream blusher or pink blusher but this is so gorgeous that I'm so tempted to buy it! The formula of these are more of a cream to powder so they do stay put relatively well once on.

natural light


Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base £18
This is essentially "fancy chapstick" and while it feels very comforting and moisturising on the lips it doesn't really make my lipstick last any longer.
Lovely product but I wouldn't really call it a primer.

Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector £18
Goes on like a gloss but works like a lip balm, this is one of my favourite lip products of all time and I've gone trough quite a few tubes.
Non-sticky, smooth and easy to apply these nourish and moisturise like nothing else and I often use these in place of a lip balm.
The two new shades are gorgeous but Toffee Pink Shimmer is definitely the standout for me.

07 Toffee Pink Shimmer, 08 Plum Shimmer
natural light


23 Hot Rose, 24 Pink Cherry, 25 Pink Blossom, 26 Rose Praline

Rouge Eclat Lipstick £19.50
These feel nice and creamy on and are decently pigmented but I wish they where slightly more on the matte side. Rose Praline is beautiful everyday shade and probably the one that will sell out first!

natural light


Clarins Instant Glow is now on their official website, Debenhams and Escentuals

Friday, 22 January 2016

Turning To The Dark Side

As I said in my Goodbye Red Hair post I was going to be dying my hair dark as the upkeep was getting just a little too "high maintenance" for my liking and wanted a shade that I could dye maybe once every 3 months and not have to worry about it fading and looking orange.
I ended up doing one more vitamin c treatment after I put that post up and I'd managed to fade my hair to a level 6 warm gingery shade and by that I mean I looked like Carrot Top but I was confident that the brown shade I'd selected to go over it would cover it nicely.

I was wrong!!!
This is why I say I'm not a qualified hair colourist and if you are going to do your own hair please do your research and be prepared for mistakes!

I used my favourite brand of home hair colourant L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in the shade 513 Iced Truffle, a medium brown with an ash/gold undertone and this is where I made the mistake.
I knew I needed an ash based dye to counteract the orange tones in my hair but since ash dye always looks really flat on me I went with the secondary gold tone thinking that it wouldn't be so prominent since the ash tone come first.
My hair came out a dark purply red, it wasn't brown and I was pissed off!

As you can see there's a definite red/violet tone to my hair in the above picture and it looked worse in natural daylight.

This little gem rescued my hair, on the back of the box it says that it helps to cut out red tones and they aren't lying!

So the next day I took a trip to Superdrug to correct my mistake, I knew I would have to get a pure ash tone, preferably one with a green based pigment as green is opposite red on the colour wheel and came across Clairol's Nice N' Easy in 77 Medium Ash Brown.
I'm glad to report that I am now a brunette with no red tones to be seen! It did come out a lot darker than the swatch on the box but I'm okay with that because it means it will take longer to fade.

and yes that's a Darth Vader T-Shirt I'm wearing, lol

I'm now gonna stick to this darker shade and try and grow out all the damage caused from the bleach from when I was platinum blonde, wish me luck!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer

Everyone and their grandmother as been raving about the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer and by everyone I mean all of you in the US who have had this little gem of a product for a few weeks now.
It finally released here last Wednesday so I made a special trip into town to get myself some HD camouflage goodness.

Do I think it's worth the hype?
Yes and no, it's a very good concealer but it doesn't beat my Urban Decay Naked Concealer in terms of coverage and finish!

The Ultra HD Concealer is most definitely very pigmented so a little goes a long way but somehow it just didn't cover as well as the Urban Decay does however I did find it added more light and brightness to the eye area so that's a plus.
The texture is very runny and it does blend like a dream but it doesn't dry down, this absolutely needs to be set with powder otherwise I can see it wearing off quickly. I usually set my concealer with a banana powder anyways but I am used to a more "cream to powder" formula so I was surprised at how tacky it felt before powdered. I can see this being amazing on someone with really dry skin because of how emollient it is.
Unlike the Urban Decay finding a shade that suited me was a lot easier, Y23 is spot on for my current skin tone and manages to brighten without being white and making me look like a reverse panda.

The shades are divided into two categories:

Correcting - These have more of a pink/salmon undertone and are designed to correct darkness and discoloration.

natural light, top to bottom: R20, R22, R30, R32, R40

with flash, top to bottom: R20, R22, R30, R32, R40

Concealing - These are your standard concealer to cover and brighten and have more of a yellow tone.

natural light, top to bottom: Y21, Y23, Y31, Y35, Y41

with flash, top to bottom: Y21, Y23, Y31, Y35, Y41

Another major bonus is the packaging, the squeezy tube means you get to use every last bit of product unlike concealers which have a doe foot wand and the small rounded tip means you can get quite precise with your application.
So yes, I do like it a lot and will enjoy using it but I prefer my Naked Skin!