Friday, 15 January 2016

Foundation Friday: Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Ageing CC Cream

Over the past 2-3 years the beauty industry as been inundated with new BBand CC creams and I can't say I've been a massive fan.
I like the concept of "one product doe's all" but sadly they very rarely live up to their claim and make me feel very underwhelmed.
More often than not they are really sheer, cover nothing and therefore become pointless or have coverage but feel like you've applied a layer of grease to your skin and disappear before lunch time.
So I'm not entirely sure what made me try this but I'm so glad I did, this is one of the few good ones!

This starts out as a white cream with grey dots and as you rub it in those little dots of pigment change the product into a skin tone shade that adapts to your colouring.
Now if you are very fair or very dark this "one shade suits all" might not be for you but for most light to medium skin tones this will work just fine.
The coverage is very sheer but somehow it manages to blur out imperfections so they aren't as noticeable whilst still looking like skin.

The texture is somewhere between a cream and a lotion and somehow it work just as well on dry skin as it does on oily, it never feels greasy and it absorbs almost immediately leaving behind a gorgeous glowy finish, this is literally healthy skin in a tube!

One slight downside is the price, £42 is expensive but then it does have a whole host of anti-ageing benefits so it's not like the price is unjustified and despite the price it will be one of those products that I forever re-purchase.

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