Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Goodbye Red Hair: Vitamin C Hair Dye Remover!

As you might remember from my How To Look After Red Hair I explained the challenges that having red hair poses and how to counter-act them, 3 months on and I can safely say I'm done with red hair!
Now don't get me wrong, I still love red hair and will always love it but I just cannot cope with the upkeep, the constant re-dying, rinsing in cool water in the middle of winter and the trail of red staining on all my towels, fingernails, pillows and clothing. 

I just haven't got the patience or the time to sit there for an hour every three weeks tending to my colour so back to brown it is, however there's a small problem.
Red is indeed the quickest colour to fade but an absolute bitch to get out completely, if you what that colour out 100% you will need to use bleach, there is no other way because it stains the cuticle.
However if you wan't to get rid of some of the tone and dept so that it's light enough to go over with a brunette shade then this little trick might work for you. 

The next couple of pictures are my hair colour right before the vitamin c treatment, you can see in the picture with flash my hair as a distinct violet tone which I'm not pleased about.

no flash 

with flash

I spent two solid week looking into the Vitamin C Cleanse and while all the feedback is mainly positive  I was a bit sceptical that it would have any effect on my hair at all as it's now reached the stage where the colour as stopped bleeding as I'm due to touch it up.
I'm pleased to say it does work but it's not a miracle, it's not going to remove all of the excess dye but it will fade it just enough so that you can go over with another colour.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional hairdresser but I understand colour theory and how hair dye works but it's all self taught.
By all means try this method but don't expect the exact same results that I got, everyones hair is different, the texture, type of dye and how many times you've re-applied that colour will have a huge impact on your end result.
If it doesn't work for you then you may need a colour stripper or a soap cap to lift stubborn tones.

What Will You Need?

Shampoo: I used a moisturising shampoo but a clarifying one would have been better.
Vitamin C Powder: or tablets but your gonna have to crush them to a powder anyways so save yourself a job.
A mixing bowl: for obvious reasons. 
Gloves: I did NOT use gloves however you probably should as the vitamin c does make your finger tips feel a bit dry. 
Moisturising Mask: while this treatment does not damage your hair it will dry it out slightly so have something nourishing to put on afterwards. 

How To Apply? 

1. Mix one part vitamin c powder to one part shampoo and mix till frothy.

2. Wet your hair and towel dry so that it's damp but not dripping.
3. Apply mixture to your hair like you would shampoo and massage into a lather.
4. Leave on for about an hour, you can leave it on for longer than that but there's only so much it will lift in one sitting so anything over an hour seems pointless.
5. Rinse the treatment out until the water runs clear.
6. Shampoo your hair to get rid of the vitamin c residue.
7. Apply moisturising mask and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing out.

I would say to begin with my hair was a level 4 red/violet with a lot of colour buildup which was making it look dull and now my hair is a level 6 red/copper which will be easy to dye over using a cool toned brown shade.

In this picture you can see how light it's gotten compared to the before photos , even my sister commented on how light my hair had gone and what I'd done to it!

As I was applying the mixture I was convinced it wasn't going to work as I'd expected to see some bleeding happening and it didn't but I was shocked at how much excess dye came out once I started rinsing my hair!
I could tell immediately even with wet hair that my hair was lighter however once dry I was amazed to see that the violet tinge my hair had picked up from the last dye job had gone and it was now more on the orange side of red which means I can now go over it with an ash brown shade and it should work out quite nicely. 
I gotta say I'm quite pleased with the results and I've not damaged my hair in the process which is a bonus!


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