Saturday, 2 January 2016

Lime Crime Velvetines

Hi everyone, today I will be sharing with you some swatches and a short review on the Lime Crime Velvetines but before we get into that I should address my stance on Lime Crime as a company before anyone asks.
I'm fully aware of all the negativity and backlash against Lime Crime and it's owner, I've read it all and while it all sounds very shocking I still made the decision to buy from this brand.
The reason for this is because I refuse to pass judgment or opinion on anything until I've experienced it for myself, you can't knock a product or brand because of word of mouth until you've given them a chance, it wouldn't be fair.
With that said I had absolutely no problems with my order whatsoever and actually was mega impressed with how quickly I got my package and the quality of the products.

Aesthetically these liquid lipstick are as cute as it gets, I absolutely adore the packaging, it's eye catching and quirky and stands out from a lot of the other brands, I almost don't wanna throw the boxes away!
These have a very fluid texture which as it's pros and cons, they dry fast and I'm talking under a minute and once they are dry you cannot feel them on your lips, they are completely weightless. However this kind of formulation will alway be drier than the more moussey textured liquid lipsticks and can feel slightly uncomfortable, it also makes application slightly harder.
They set completely matte which means wear time on these babies is phenomenal, they don't budge! Even after I'd eaten something greasy the was minimal wear and it faded evenly instead of flaking off like a lot of liquid lipsticks do.
As a bonus these are scented with vanilla cake!

I tried to buy shades that where unique in my collection, Cashmere is a cult classic, I thought Pumpkin would be a good dupe for Ofra's Miami Fever which I can't get hold of and Utopia for some reason gut called out to me and begged to be bought.

top to bottom: Cashmere, Pumpkin, Utopia

Cashmere - taupe nude
This is their best selling shade and usually an absolute bitch to get hold of as it's always sold out.
I'm not usually a fan of cooler toned nudes but after seeing a ton of pictures and swatches I figured I'd give it a try as it was quite unusual and unlike anything I already owned.
On me it pulls a lot less grey than it looks in the tube and is a lot more wearable that I originally envisioned.

Pumpkin - brick red
My favourite of the bunch an I've worn it loads already, this is the perfect autumn/winter shade and looks amazing paired with a warm, smokey eye.
It's one of those shades that looks casual and understated during the day but dramatic and bold at night depending on what you wear it with.

Utopia - orchid pink
Now this is what you call bright, think neon pink mixed with a little acid purple on steroids but somehow still manages to be wearable.
Now obviously a lip colour this bright needs a soft neutral eye and minimal blush otherwise you risk looking like a clown unless that is what you"re going for. 
I did find this particular shade slightly less opaque than the other two but nothing to moan about.

While not my favourite liquid lipsticks (I prefer the mousse textured ones) I like these enough to buy some of the other shades, Red Velvet, Wicked and Bleached have my name all over them!


  1. So pigmented! I love the red one! This range of lip sticks is very unique in the fact that they are scented

    1. I was surprised as to how nice these smelled because usually liquid lipsticks smell of plastic!

  2. I really love Pumpkin and Cashmere and also I appreciate the fact that you still went ahead and tried them despite all the negativity. After all, as long as the product worked out for you, I see no issues at all.

    Feel free to check out my blog also!

    Claudia |

    1. Pumpkin is quickly becoming one of my favorite lip colors of all time!