Thursday, 21 January 2016

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer

Everyone and their grandmother as been raving about the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer and by everyone I mean all of you in the US who have had this little gem of a product for a few weeks now.
It finally released here last Wednesday so I made a special trip into town to get myself some HD camouflage goodness.

Do I think it's worth the hype?
Yes and no, it's a very good concealer but it doesn't beat my Urban Decay Naked Concealer in terms of coverage and finish!

The Ultra HD Concealer is most definitely very pigmented so a little goes a long way but somehow it just didn't cover as well as the Urban Decay does however I did find it added more light and brightness to the eye area so that's a plus.
The texture is very runny and it does blend like a dream but it doesn't dry down, this absolutely needs to be set with powder otherwise I can see it wearing off quickly. I usually set my concealer with a banana powder anyways but I am used to a more "cream to powder" formula so I was surprised at how tacky it felt before powdered. I can see this being amazing on someone with really dry skin because of how emollient it is.
Unlike the Urban Decay finding a shade that suited me was a lot easier, Y23 is spot on for my current skin tone and manages to brighten without being white and making me look like a reverse panda.

The shades are divided into two categories:

Correcting - These have more of a pink/salmon undertone and are designed to correct darkness and discoloration.

natural light, top to bottom: R20, R22, R30, R32, R40

with flash, top to bottom: R20, R22, R30, R32, R40

Concealing - These are your standard concealer to cover and brighten and have more of a yellow tone.

natural light, top to bottom: Y21, Y23, Y31, Y35, Y41

with flash, top to bottom: Y21, Y23, Y31, Y35, Y41

Another major bonus is the packaging, the squeezy tube means you get to use every last bit of product unlike concealers which have a doe foot wand and the small rounded tip means you can get quite precise with your application.
So yes, I do like it a lot and will enjoy using it but I prefer my Naked Skin!

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