Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys, today I will be showing you my current collection of Makeup Geek eyeshadows and swatches.

Makeup Geek is well known for it's amazing eyeshadows that often get compared to MAC in terms of quality but at a fraction of the price.
If you are unfamiliar with the brand Makeup Geek was created by a YouTuber called Marlena who is amazingly sweet and very honest with all her reviews and recommendations.

I originally bought my first few eyeshadow directly from her website and the customer service was excellent, delivery was fast and everything was well packaged. They now sell some of the Makeup Geek line on Beauty Bay which makes it a lot easier for me to get hold of and I don't risk getting a custom charge for importing goods to the UK.

These are my favourite single shadows of all time and I would love to own the whole collection at some point!
The quality is actually way better than MAC and they are half the price! I don't know how Marlena does it but she as the formulation spot on, they are pigmented, blend like a dream and apply with minimal fallout.

There are 3 different formulas of eyeshadow so far:

Regular Eyeshadows
These come in a variety of finishes (matte, satin and shimmer) and are comparable in quality to MAC, actually I would have to say they are slightly better than MAC and cheaper.
There's tons of shades to choose from and a lot of them a very unique colours, they blend easily with minimal fallout and they are pigmented so don't require loads of layering like a lot of other shadows do.

Foiled Eyeshadows 
I could just say that Makeup Geeks Foiled Eyeshadows are fucking amazing and leave it at that, these are out of this world!
I've never come across such pigmented, metallic looking eyeshadow in all the years I've been using makeup and the texture is buttery soft, almost fells like a cream but it's a powder.
I will own them all eventually!

Duo-Chrome Eyeshadows
This is the newest formula of eyeshadow from Makeup Geek and it's on point! I'm a big fan of duo-chrome eyeshadows but they are quite hard to find so for them to come out with a whole collection is amazing.
Once again pigmentation is amazing and the texture is soft and easy to blend.

Lets get onto the pictures and swatches!

Peach Smoothie
If there is one eye shadow from Makeup Geek that everyone should own it would be Peach Smoothie!
It's the perfect transition shade for people with a warm undertone and the perfect all over lid colour for days when you can't be bothered to do a "proper" look.

Creme Brulee
Another great transition shade for someone is as slightly more tan skin or as a soft crease colour on the very fair. A lot warmer than I was originally expecting.

Slightly darker than Creme Brulee and slightly cooler in undertone, I like to wear this one on the lower lash line for subtle definition.

Cocoa Bear
Another one of my absolute favourites! This is the most perfect warm, mid toned brown which looks stunning blended from lash line to crease for a simple, everyday soft smokey eye. This is one of those eye shadows that you put minimal effort into but it looks amazing especially on blue or green eyes.

This as my name written all over it as I love those kind of burnt orange/copper shades and this one is beautiful. The texture of this one feels more of a cream than a powder and it blends in seconds.

Another red toned brown but I think we all know by now that I love warm colours! The pigmentation on this one is intense so you only need the tiniest amount on your brush and tap of the excess.

Americano is a deep, dark brown with a purple undertone, I have nothing like it in my collection. It is rather unique and it's perfect when you still want an intense smokey eye but don't want to use black.

This is without doubt the most pigmented black eyeshadow I've ever used, it's so creamy and buttery with a complete opaque finish without having to build up layers and layers of product.
I will say one thing though, fallout is horrendous but then that's black shadow for ya.

I'm Peachless
I bought this one thinking I would love it as an inner corner highlight but I actually prefer it as an allover lid colour for when I want a bit of eye shadow action without going overboard. It looks quite peachy in the above photo but on the skin it as more of a pink tone.

Magic Act

Possibly the prettiest gold eye shadow in existence, can we take a moment to just appreciate it's beauty. It's a true, clean gold and while it's very intense it somehow manages to work well as a wash of colour on the lid for daytime and paired with a darker crease, liner and lashes for the evening.


Think of untamed as Magic Act's bold, drama queen sister! This is pure 24K gold, it's very brash and in your face and if I'm totally honest I don't know why I picked it up as it does not work on my skin tone. 

Probably saved the best till last! Gorgeous rose gold shade that as a slight hint of bronze, goes on smooth, pigmented and as the most intense metallic sheen on the lid that looks amazing!

top to bottom: Peach Smoothie, Creme Brule,  Frappe, Cocoa Bear, Goddess, Bitten, Americano

top to bottom: Corrupt, I'm Peachless, Magic Act, Untamed, Grandstand

You can buy Makeup Geek of Marlena's own website or for those of us in the UK Beauty Bay as now started selling part of the range.


  1. I have heard so much about Make-up Geek eyeshadows and it's been nothing but great things. I saw them on Beauty Bay recently actually and was really tempted to buy lots lol. I love all the the colours you have, the warm, neutrals and bronzy tones are my favourite. Love this review, it was really helpful.:)

    - - Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Haul

    1. Honestly for the price you can't go wrong, I would never buy another MAC shadow with the exception of maybe the shade Nylon :)

  2. Magic Stand and Grandstand are absolutely stunning! I've heard so much from loads of beauty bloggers about their foiled eyeshadows. What a gorgeous bunch of swatches! xx

    1. The foiled eyeshadows are by far the best I've tried and you nedd Grandstand! :)