Saturday, 2 January 2016

Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel

I think I seriously questioned my own sanity the day I picked up a bottle of this brush cleanser, paying just short of £7 for a bottle of soap to clean your brushes with when you are used to baby shampoo that costs a pound sounds insane!
So off I went with my expensive "soap" hoping that it would work better than what I'm currently using.

The first thing I noticed was that this gel is quite thick in texture and takes a reasonable amount of effort to squeeze out of a WET bottle, I hate washing brushes as it is so this for me was just an added annoyance and a complete packaging oversight in my opinion.
Also because of the jelly like texture you can't squeeze this directly on your brush because it will flop off into the sink and down the drain so I had to place it in the palm of my hand instead.
I  found that I needed double the amount of product than I would be if I was using my regular baby shampoo so this will without a shadow of a doubt work out far more expensive which I wouldn't mind if it worked amazing but it doesn't!

While it does get my brushes clean eventually, it's too much effort especially when you consider how well baby shampoo works and how cheap it is!
It took ages for the product to foam up and it performed differently on synthetic and natural bristles. The natural hair brushes lathered up quickly and where clean on first wash however it took 2-3 washes to get all of the makeup out of  the synthetic brushes which I found odd since Real Technique brushes are all synthetic hair.
It took me double the time to wash my brushes and n the end I resorted to  mixing a bit of the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel with the Baby Shampoo just to speed up the process.

I love Real Techniques brushes and the brand as a whole but this isn't for me!

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