Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick

As I'm sure we're all very well aware of the liquid lipstick trend took over 2015 and by the looks of it as no intention of going anywhere.
I've tried many, some of them are okay, some of them suck balls and some are amazing but get overlooked by other, bigger brands, these fit the latter category.

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These are by far THE BEST liquid lipstick I've tried so far but sadly don't get enough said about them!

I will get the one negative point out of the way first, there's not enough of a colour selection. Eight shades is simply not enough especially when a lot of them are slight variations of reds and pinks, can we have more The Balm?

That small issue aside I love everything about them!
For starters they are mint scented which makes a change from either vanilla or plastic and become of the mint scent they feel quite cooling and refreshing on the lips.
Secondly the texture is pure perfection, they have that creamy mousse feel that goes on opaque on first coat, doesn't feel drying on the lips and once it dries it will last all day, I do not need a touch up when wearing these.
They do not ball up or flake off like some of the more liquidy formulas and they do not get that crusty looking line of demarcation that a lot of the other brands give me, essentially they look the same 8 hours later as they did freshly applied.

This is my favourite of the bunch! It one of those nice everyday pinky-brown neutrals that goes with any look and flatters any skin tone. This one is a must have!

My second favourite and an absolute bitch to get hold of! I swear I stalked my local counter for 6 weeks straight before I could buy this because it's always sold out. This is another one of those mid-toned mauves that Kylie Jenner as made so popular.

Not my sort of colour usually but I swatched it on the back of my hand and somehow something about me drew me in. It's one of those bubblegum "Barbie" pinks that I usually avoid like the plague but for some reason this one works, even with my bright obnoxious red hair!
Not one I reach for all the time but I'm glad I got it.

This is the perfect winter red shade, a deep, dark wine shade that looks really flattering on my sort of coloring. I'm a big fan of these sort of shade but usually don't wear them because of the staying power, with this one I don't have to worry.

The price point of these is also spot on, they are £13.50 for a pretty big tube and you can usually find them slightly discounted on Feelunique.

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