Sunday, 7 February 2016

All Time Favourite MAC Lipsticks! Pictures & Swatches!

I was going trough my lipstick collection the other day and realised that despite owning quite a few MAC lipsticks I rarely talk about them on here, not because I don't like them, I probably use my MAC lipstick more than any of the other lipsticks I own.
I guess because I use them so often and they aren't NEW I forget to mention them which is a shame because MAC makes some of my fave shades and I'm going to share them with you now!

These are in no particular order:

Modesty - Cremesheen

This is a nice warm, nude that doesn't look too light and corpse like, it's nice as an every day lipstick when you want a quick slick of colour.
The Cremesheen formula isn't my favourite as it tends to dry my lips out but I'll make an exception for this shade.

Faux - Satin
This is actually fairly similar to Modesty in colour, maybe just an hair darker but with a better formula. The Satin finish gives a more opaque finish and isn't as shiny which I prefer.

Kinda Sexy - Matte 
Can you tell how much I love this one by how much I've used? This a muted peach with just the tiniest hint of pink. It looks amazing in the summer with tanned skin and a bronzy eye and it's a matte texture which is my favourite finish.

Brave - Satin 
This is a mid toned rose shade that leans slightly towards the cool side, it at a tiny bit of shimmer in the tube but it doesn't show on the lips.
Again a nice every day, easy to wear shade.

Mehr - Matte
My favourite MAC lipstick of all time and one of my top 10 lipsticks that I own!
It's a blue based mid pink with a matte finish, you need it, your friends need it, your dog needs it, it's that amazing!

Whirl - Matte 
This is your standard "Kylie Jenner" lip shade and what I wished Velvet Teddy would look like on me.
It's a mid toned warm brown and can look horrendous on some complexions so trying before you buy is a must with this one.

Antique Velvet - Matte
This is a new addition to my collection and boy did I have an hard time getting hold of it, it's sold out EVERYWHERE!!!
This is a deep, warm chocolate brown that as a slightly red undertone, it can be tricky to pull off so this is another one that worth trying on before you splurge.

D For Danger - Matte

This should be a must in everyones collection! It's a red with a berry undertone and looks amazing on everyone. I love wearing this when the weather is cold, it just screams winter.

Rebel - Satin
I've had this one for the longest time that sometimes I forget about it then when I wear it again I remember why I love it so much. Hands down the best berry lipstick money can buy!

Which are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Leave me a comment down below and let me know if I'm missing any essentials.

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