Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Barry M Mani Mask

These are part of Barry M new nail care line of strengtheners that promise to help harden you nails and make them grow faster.
The line as a nail hardener, a 7 in 1 treatment and these Mani Masks which help maintain strong nails combined with a tint of colour.

Mani Mask essentially combines colour and care in one product, they are easy to apply, dry mega fast and dry to a matte finish which is all good in my book.
These are perfect for when you "can't be arsed" to do your nails because they had a little bit of colour and make your nails looked manicured without having to go trough the process of base coat, two layers of colour and a top coat.

As a bonus not only are you getting pretty nails but you're also strengthening and protecting them too and for once I would have to say it works, I actually do notice a difference in the strength of my nail and they don't look as dry either.

Mani Mask comes in two neutral shades, Birthday Suit which is a true nude and Bashful a light pink which is the one I opted for.
For the price (£3.99) you can't go wrong with these and at the minute they are on a Buy One Get One Half Off offer in both Boots and Superdrug.

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