Thursday, 25 February 2016

Beauty Myths Busted!

As a Makeup Artis and Beauty Blogger I get to hear and read a lot of information that is just simply incorrect which then leaves me wondering where did it come from in the first place. 
Today I'll be sharing some of the most common beauty myths that I've come across in the years of me being in the beauty industry and why they aren't true.

1. Storing nail polish in the fridge will prolong it's shelf life!
No it wont!  But what it will do is create some nice little droplets of condensation inside of the bottle which will then mix with you polish and create a nice gloopy mess. Store them somewhere dark and cool (shoe box in the bottom of your wardrobe maybe) and they should last you years.

2. Shaving will make the hair grow back thicker and darker!
Shaving cuts the hair off at a blunt angle so when it does grow trough if feels a lot thicker and coarser than before. Waxing on the other hand pulls the hair out right from the root and it grows back with a tapered edge making it feel softer. Waxing also can weaken and damage the hair follicle making hair growth a lot sparser but your not gonna turn into a Yeti by using a razor on your legs.

3. Pulling out a grey hair will make two grow in it's place!
If that really was the case there would be no bald men and the quest for thick hair would be over! Pulling out a grey hair will do nothing except cause you initial pain and as it grows back it might feel coarser than it did before, so don't do it!

4. If I stop washing my hair it will start to clean itself!
Maybe if you are Harry Potter but stop washing your hair and chances are you will start wondering why people are keeping you at arms length.
Hair does not "self clean" but there comes a point where it will stop getting any greasier therefore giving the illusion of cleaning itself.

5. Foundation gives you spots!
It will if you are not removing it properly in the evening or God forbid sleeping in it! Foundation itself does not clog pores or cause breakouts unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients but keep on using face wipes and your skin wont be thanking you for it.

6. Facial oil will make oily skin oilier!
Not if you are using the right oil for your skin type the right product can actually help balance your skin and make it less oily.
Same goes for oil based cleansers, get the right one and your skin will be thanking you for it!

7. Premium brands work more effectively than drugstore!
Obviously it's more expensive so it's gotta work better, right? Very wrong! The ingredients used make a product better not the price tag so always read the label.

8. Natural products are better for you than man made chemicals!
Not always right, some people are sensitive to essential oils so a all natural product would be off the cards. Not all chemicals (water is a chemical, lets not forget) are bad so use whatever products suits your skin best regardless of weather it's ingredients are from a plant or out the lab.

9. Using and astringent toner closes the pores!
There is no product in the world that can close your pores, I repeat nothing on this earth!
Yes, you can get products that will refine the texture, smooth pores and clean them out making them look smaller but it's a visual illusion. The size of your pores is what it is and sadly there's no way of completely getting rid of them.

10. Drinking water will keep you skin hydrated!
Sorry but it's not true! You can drink all the water in the world and if your skin type is dry chances are it will still be dry because what your skin is lacking is oil. This does not apply to a dehydrated skin (dehydrated skin is a temporary skin condition not a type) which is indeed a lack of water and/or wrong products being used.
Drinking lots of water will however keep your skin clear so don't stop chugging that H2O.

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