Tuesday, 9 February 2016

By Terry Baume De Rose Parure Lip Balm

I have to apologise in advance for blogging about this so late as it's limited edition and came out at Christmas but you can still find these on a couple of websites and it's too pretty not to talk about.

If you are familiar with the By Terry Baume The Rose in the pot form you will know how good it is at sorting out dry, chapped lips in a couple of application and I've gone trough a good few pots over the years but I've never tried the gloss version.
They released this special edition 24K Gold version at Christmas and I couldn't resist picking one up as it looked so darn pretty and it was surprisingly inexpensive for By Terry.

This is just as good as the solid version, in fact I actually prefer it because it's easier and more hygienic to apply and moisturises just as well as the Baume De Rose in the pot.
The shimmer is subtle and just adds a little bit of volume to the lips but I can feel it slightly but not enough to make it un-comfortable.

By Terry Baume De Rose Parure is still available on the Very website and Net A Porter for £20

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