Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick

After purchasing my Lime Crime Velvetines and loving them so much I decided that I wanted to try their original lipsticks and lucky for me they where on sale for less than half price.
Now the reason why they where on sale is because Lime Crime are discontinuing their line of Unicorn Lipstick which is a bloody shame because I love them! Possibly even more than the Velvetines! 

If you like MAC lipsticks you will love these because essentially they are the same but better if that makes sense.
They have the same vanilla frosting scent that MAc lipsticks are famous for and are closest in texture to an Amplified finish but with a creamier consistency, better coverage and longer staying power. 

I found these lasted a good 4-6 with out the need to reapply, they didn't bleed (I did use a lipliner though) and they didn't dry my lips out like MAC Amplified lipsticks do so they get a huge double thumbs up from me.

Packaging wise I initially thought they where tacky and I wasn't a fan but was surprised that my opinion change as soon as I saw them in person. 
The bright purple tube looks a lot less garish in real life and it as a nice weight to it and it makes them a lot easier to spot amongst your collection if you have a lot of lipsticks like I do.
The box is also really cute and I had to force myself to put them in the bin because I was contemplating keeping them but then realised that's absolutely crazy. 

The swatches below are all done with 1-2 swipes of product so you can see how pigmented and vibrant they are.

Lets get onto the product pictures:

This is such a nice nude beige in the tube but a little too light for my complexion, it makes me look like a corpse. I can make it work but I have to use a much darker liner all over the lip as a base or mix it with another colour to make it more wearable.

This is one of the most popular Lime Crime lipstick and I can totally see why. It's the most perfect peachy pink shade and looks absolutely amazing on light to medium complexions, paired with a bronzed smokey eye and peachy cheek. I love it and I'm so glad I got it!

This was a collaboration with Urban Outfitters and is very similar to Babette except it's slightly darker and leans more on the pink side. I like it but prefer Babette and I don't think you need both.

This is so bright I actually had an hard time getting a photo of it as it was making my camera go crazy. This is that perfect summer coral that looks amazing with a tan and I can't wait for the warmer months so I can wear this.


Think Barbie pink on crack and you have Centrifuchsia! Similar to MAC Girl About Town but much better in my opinion as it goes on more opaque and as a better texture. 
I'm not a big pink fan but I do really like this one.

A pretty standard blue based red almost neon with a super creamy finish, not very unique as I have a lot of reds but still very pretty.

The one shade that I didn't think I would like all that much but I absolutely love it! It looks extremely purple in the tube but goes on far sheerer on the lips and as a beautiful magenta shimmer running trough it. One of my favourites!

The Lime Crime website still as a small selection of shades in stock and they are still on sale so I would highly recommend that if you want to try these you do it fast before they all sell out!

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