Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Adult Acne Story!

I managed to go all of my teenage years without acne, then I turned 21 and all of a sudden my skin started freaking out and my once smooth complexion was covered in cystic bumps, blackheads and blocked pores.
I tried every over the counter treatment under the sun, nothing really worked, it got worse then it would start to get better fooling me into thinking it was going away and it would come back with a vengeance.

Eventually I took myself to my local skin clinic and they put me on a combination of glycolic peels and microdermabrasion which worked wonders and within 6 months I was acne free, as a bonus the treatments combined had faded my acne scarring and my skin looked normal again.
From that point onward my skin as been on the oily/combination side with the occasional patch of dehydration and a spot here and there at that "time of the month" but all in all not to bad and it's looked smooth and glowing for the most part.

I noticed my skin getting worse again at the beginning of last year, a lot more blocked pores and a lot more frequent breakout which didn't seem to want to go away and the texture of my skin seemed bumpy and uneven.
I've changed nothing in my routine and have been using some form of AHA based product for the past 10 years and it's worked wonders for keeping my skin clear so you can imagine my frustration when this stopped working.
I started using a treatment specifically designed for acne prone skin and that did nothing, clarifying mud mask and that did nothing, pore cleansing scrub, you guessed it did nothing but actually make my skin worse as I was stripping all the natural oil from it.

Then around Christmas time my skin started to change again, I started to get fewer blemishes and it seemed to be getting dried which meant switching up my products to something a little more nourishing.
Fast forward to today and my skin is back to "normal" and by that I mean it's breakout free but it's no longer oily or even combination for that matter, it's straight up dry but at least it's acne free!

Moral of the story, your skin will constantly change over the course of the years and less is more when it comes skincare. Be gentle with your skin and don't use anything too abrasive and if it's really getting you down consult your doctor, I wish I had have!

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